Thursday, 18 November 2010 – 17:45-18:45
Trianon Room

  • Do you want to pick the brains of someone in the same business?
  • Would you like to shape best common practices?
  • Got an idea for a new tool to make life easier, but not sure how to develop it. Looking for help?
  • Do you feel the existing RIPE Working Groups don’t fit with what you want to discuss?

We’ve listened and we hope that you’ll find the RIPE BoF offers an answer.

Informal, friendly and open. Come along and talk about anything.

We’re thinking lightning talks, short presentations, hot topics and things that don’t fit in the existing programme.

But above all else, the RIPE BoF is a place to talk.

Or simply listen.

How do you suggest something for the RIPE BoF?

If you have a topic you would like to discuss, please post your suggestion as a comment to this article on RIPE Labs.

We’ll review all suggestions and decide during the RIPE Meeting which topics we can cram into this first RIPE BoF.